Meals and snacks

  • Water, Milk and diluted Fruit juice or sugar free squash are provided and accessible to all children throughout the day, not just at meal or snack times.
  • Parents who wish to bring their own drinks for their child must only send cartons or plastic bottles into Nursery. Fizzy drinks and sweets are discouraged.
  • Glass and tins are not permitted on Nursery premises.

We understand the importance of ensuring that children are provided with healthy choices regarding their food and drinks during the day. We work closely with Dudley Environmental Health and nutritional advisors from Dudley MBC. We have recently achieved a “Silver Food for Health Award”, which recognises our contribution to healthy eating options, food safety and hygiene environmental practices. We hold a 5 Star Hygiene Certificate, the highest award given.





Children are requested to bring into Nursery their choice of breakfast if they require breakfast at Nursery

Milk/ Fruit Juice/ water is available


Snack Time

Milk/ Fruit Juice/Water is available

and Fresh Fruit/ Raw Vegetables.


Lunch Time

Substantial hot meal and Dessert

Milk/ Fruit Juice/ water is available

Menus are displayed daily on the parent’s notice board.


Snack Time

Milk/ Fruit Juice/ water is available

and fresh Fruit /Raw Vegetables.


Tea Time

Light Tea provided eg, sandwiches, fruit and Crackers.

Milk/ Fruit Juice/ water is available


  • We aim to promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles at all times.
  • All lunch time meals are provided by Cupcakes Catering Ltd in Bromsgrove. Meals are freshly cooked and delivered to us in insulated containers each day. Healthy eating and trying new and different foods is encouraged.
  • Menu boards, showing details of daily meals, are displayed in the reception area and updated daily.
  • Download and view Cupcakes sample menus:
  • An alternative vegetarian menu is provided each day. Any child who has special dietary requirements will be catered for.


Allergic Reaction Policy

It is the policy of the Green Nursery to exclude all peanuts, nuts and any other products that contain any form of nut oil.

Anaphylaxis is an extreme reaction which in some cases has the potential of being life threatening. An individual’s first allergic reaction to peanuts or nut products may be mild, but the severity can increase with each subsequent contact.

We would like to point out to parents the importance of any food that is brought into Nursery that other children may come into contact with.

All food labels should be read very carefully as it is not always clear what products are contained in some foods.

We would be grateful if you could please pay particular attention to the following foods:

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Party food
  • We have 17 staff specifically trained to administer Epi Pen.
  • We have 11 qualified First aiders.
  • We always have qualified Safeguarding leaders and practitioners on duty.

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