We request that parents notify Nursery as soon as possible if their child will be absent.

If your child has an unidentified rash or illness they must remain at home until they have been seen by a Doctor and a diagnosis given.

If your child becomes ill whilst at Nursery we will contact you immediately on the emergency contact numbers on your child’s application form that is completed when your child is registered with us. It is very important that Nursery is notified immediately of any changes to these details.



Medication can only be administered by Nursery staff if the child has been seen by a Doctor and the relevant medication and dosage has been advised. Parents will be required to complete a medication consent form at Nursery stating all relevant information.

All medication that is administered at Nursery is done so by two Early Years Practitioners and all information is recorded in the Medication Book.

For further information please refer to our Medication Policy.


Communicable Diseases and Conditions

The following schedule lists of common childhood illness that your child may contract, (this list is not exhaustive).

These illnesses require a minimum period of exclusion to prevent cross infection as follows:

Medical Condition

Minimum Exclusion Period


48 hour exclusion after vomiting stops


48 hour exclusion after diarrhoea stops

Rubella (German Measles)

7 days from appearance of rash


5 days from appearance of rash


7 days exclusion

Chicken Pox

5-7 days from appearance of rash


48 hours and until skin has healed

Hand, foot and mouth

Exclusion during acute illness

Herpes (cold sores)

Until lesions are dry

Head Lice

24 hours after effectively treated

Thread Worms

24 hours after effectively treated


Exclusion whilst lesions are present

The Green Nursery reserves the right to use its discretion as to whether a child is fit and well enough to attend Nursery.

Please note that these exclusions are a requirement of Environmental Services.


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