• Our Baby room cares for our youngest children.
  • The child:staff ratio is one member of staff for every 3 children.
  • Babies have their own fully equipped playroom with designated sleep areas.
  • They also have their own dedicated doorway out to their secure garden area which they can access throughout the day.

The Baby and Toddler groups have fully implemented the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework. The purpose of this framework is to provide support, information and guidance for all those who care for babies and young children and recognises their individuality, efforts and achievements. Children will progress through Nursery at their own pace depending upon both age and ability.

Babies are encouraged to communicate, and their attempts at communication are valued to ensure they receive an affirming experience, encouraging development, confidence and security. Our baby room is designed to provide a calming atmosphere where babies can thrive with warm, supportive relationships with staff.

Various activities are provided throughout the day to enhance development. These activities include painting, story and singing time, sand and water play, all of which can be accessed indoors and outdoors.

Daily information sheets are completed and sent home at the end of each day. This information for parents includes sleep times, meals and snacks, drinks and nappy changes.

Each baby and toddler will be allocated their own key worker who will act as the crucial link between home and Nursery and aid the settling in process by building a positive and trusting relationship for baby and parents.

Parents are requested to provide formula milk or expressed milk for their child if it is required. We prepare each formula feed from fresh, which is following the current advice given by health visitors. Please ensure that all bottles, cups and personal items brought into nursery are clearly named.

We are very flexible with regards to the nutritional needs of your child depending on the stage of weaning your baby has reached. We are able to provide traditional jar foods, freshly cooked meals from our local caterers or freshly steamed vegetables as an alternative if preferred. These can then be prepared to your own child’s individual needs.

We are aware of the benefits of breast feeding. If any mums wish to pop into Nursery during the day to feed their child they are very welcome to do so.

Within the baby room there are no rigid routines, we believe that it is vital that we base your child’s day around the needs of your child. Some children come to us with an already established sleep routine whilst other children do not. We are very happy to accommodate the wishes of parents based upon the needs of your child. We operate a safe sleep policy, which means that sleeping babies are continuously monitored for the duration of the nap.

Many babies and toddlers have their own favourite “Comforters” that are important to them such as dummies, blankets and soft toys. These items are especially important whilst a child is settling into nursery and we encourage children who will benefit from those items to bring them into nursery. However please ensure that they are named.

We ask that you supply nappies and nappy cream if it is required. When the time comes we are happy to assist in potty training offering support and advice. Around this time it is advisable that parents supply a few changes of clothing for their child and also a named potty for their child’s exclusive use.


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