1. The Nursery fees are calculated on a weekly basis which will be notified to you in advance of your child starting at the Green Nursery.
  2. All fees must be paid on a monthly basis, in advance. We calculate the amount payable by you each month by multiplying the weekly fee by the weeks charged for in each year and dividing the total by 12. This therefore gives 12 equal monthly payments.
  3. We have the right to review these fees at any time but if any changes are due to be made you will be given one month’s notification before these changes take effect. If you do not wish to pay the revised fee, you may end this agreement by giving us one months notice in writing of your leaving date.
  4. If you pay for part of your nursery fees by means of childcare vouchers it is imperative that these are set up to ensure that again payments are made by the voucher company by the end of the month if you are paying in arrears.
  5. For parents paying in advance all childcare vouchers must be again set up in order for us to receive these vouchers by the 1st of the forthcoming month.
  6. Once your child is eligible to claim the Governments Nursery Education Grant we will amend the billing calculations in order to comply with the local authority education grant agreement and code of practice. Your will be notified in writing, one month in advance of any changes to the calculation of your bill.
  7. The preferred method of payment for a nursery place is by Direct Debit or BACS.
  8. In exceptional circumstances nursery fees can be paid by cheque or cash, It is parents’ responsibility to obtain a written receipt from a member of the Nursery management team as proof of payment.
  9. When paying your child’s nursery fees we will require you to quote on all correspondence your child’s unique payment reference number which will be given to you when you start nursery.
  10. Any occasional extra days that you may require your child to attend nursery can be paid by cheques or cash. These extra days must be paid for in full on the day. Again it is parent’s responsibility to obtain a written receipt from a member of the nursery management team as proof of payment.
  11. If you require additional permanent days it is the responsibility of parents to amend all Direct Debits/BACS accordingly to include the extra days/sessions that are required.
  12. Failure to keep up to date with your child’s nursery fees will result in your child’s nursery place being terminated.
  13. For any failed Direct Debits or cheques we will charge an appropriate administration fee, as set by our bank.
  14. No refunds will be given for periods where your child does not attend due to illness or holiday.
  15. Full fees are required to be paid when the nursery is closed, during bank holidays and for the week between Christmas and New Year. No refunds will be given for these closures.
  16. Under no circumstances will deductions be made should a parent decide to withdraw their child from Nursery for extended periods i.e. during school holidays. Full nursery fees are to be paid in order to hold your nursery place.
  17. If fees are due to be changed due to your child moving groups, these reductions will take effect from the first day of the following billing period.
  18. We offer a 5% discount for siblings. This discount is always applied to the eldest sibling’s nursery fees.
  19. A registration fee of £200.00 is required to secure a Nursery place. This fee is deducted from your Nursery fees when your child starts Nursery. Please note that this fee is not returnable should you decide that you wish to cancel your Nursery place.

You can download and view our nursery fees table here (note: this is correct as of July 2018).

Full fees are required to be paid regardless of holidays, Bank Holidays and illness.

Nursery closes at 6.00pm. Any child that is collected after this time will be charged a late collection fee. This is charged at £10.00 for every 15 minutes after this time. Please refer to our late collection policy.


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