Children join our Pre-School group after their 3rd Birthday. We have 5 early years practitioners who can care for up to 30 of our Pre-School children each day.

Our pre-school room was purpose built in 2016 on the first floor with adjacent toilet facilities for exclusive use of pre-schoolers. It is a very light and airy room, overlooking natural woodland with direct supervised access to the garden. The room is designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and promote and nurture individual children’s learning styles.

Our Early Years Practitioners will ensure that this learning environment is interesting, accessible and inviting to every child. All children will be able to learn independently, with supportive adults alongside them to share their journey. Each child will be allocated their own key worker who will act as the crucial link between home and Nursery using Tapestry to record their development and progress and use as a communication tool.

This environment has equipment and activities on offer that help to stimulate and encourage the children’s natural curiosity. This will encourage the development of the children’s self-esteem by aiding their ability to make their own choices and decisions throughout the day.

Children are able to spend uninterrupted time learning through play or taking part in activities either within a group or independently.

All resources within this environment will help to develop all aspects of their learning. All of the resources and equipment are stored at the children’s level to allow them to make independent choices in the activities that they wish to take part in.

During the day the children are engaged in activities, some of which are planned in advance by the staff within the group, whilst the majority happens more spontaneously and are initiated and led by the children.

Through ongoing observations and assessments carried out on the children we can ensure that the activities and experiences provided meet the children’s individual needs. Using Tapestry to record their development and progress and as a communication tool we ensure that children develop their skills across all areas of learning.

We recognise that children need to be immersed in a chosen activity for long periods of time to ensure that meaningful learning takes place. To prevent the interruption of play we have introduced a “Café System” allowing the children the freedom to access their drinks and snacks during the day as they wish to do so.

Parents can be assured that their children are filling their day with experiences that relate to them and they are learning in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way. We invite visitors such as police officers, crossing wardens, family members and we also organise fund raising events.

The Pre-school class room is set out to replicate the environment of a school reception class. During your child’s time with us in pre-school we will endeavour to provide opportunities for your child to develop the skills that they will require for a smooth transition to a more formal learning environment.

As the time approaches for your child to transfer to school we arrange visits from local schools and your child’s new teachers. It is of vital importance that the transition from setting to setting is a positive experience. By working together with your child’s school we will ensure that we are able to share as much information as possible about your child’s individual needs and development.


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